About Me

A strategic leader with high-growth startup experience, I believe strongly in the importance of implementing new technologies and sharing sustainable business models across borders to solve the global challenges of the 21st century.

I currently work at Ulteig Engineers as the Manager of Technology Innovation, tracking key technology trends and establishing strategic partnerships to help Ulteig advance cutting-edge service offerings for the power, transportation, and water infrastructure industries.

Prior to joining Ulteig in May of 2020, I spent five years in the commercial drone industry, helping Measure UAS become one of the top drone service providers in the United States as the VP of Product Strategy and second employee. During my tenure, Measure raised $27.5 million in venture capital and completed over 46,000 flight operations worldwide. I have worked with industries spanning power generation (primarily solar and wind), power transmission and distribution, telecommunications, transportation, insurance, and construction.

Having spent several years abroad and obtaining a graduate degree in international affairs and business, I am acutely aware of the increasingly interconnected nature of the world economy and the global nature of 21st-century challenges such as climate change, economic development, fair trade, public health. I also believe strongly that ethical businesses and innovative technologies have a critical role to play in solving these alongside governmental policies and international cooperation.

My areas of expertise include:
+ Business growth strategy
+ Product development and management
+ Customer success
+ Innovation and emerging technologies
+ Strategic consulting
+ Infrastructure modernization
+ Market and competitive research
+ International trade
+ Economic development
+ Government relations/regulatory compliance
+ UAS/Drones

I am currently based in Denver, Colorado. When I’m not at work, you can find me hiking 14ers, exploring the Southwest, or tramping around looking for birds.